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New Album: Minor Death - now online

The new iMike Music Album "Minor Death" is now completed as First-Version and can be listened to in the Music section. Due to the current situation and some restructuring, there are no mastered versions of the tracks available yet.

Music-Player implemented & iMike Remixes Collection

To listen to and download the songs, a separate player, based on HTML5, has now been built into the site. Unfortunately, there are still some errors occuring sometimes when using the player via the IE / Edge browser. If you notice any errors, it would be great if you let me know via the contact form so I can take care of it as soon as possible.

In the music area, also the remixes are now online again - For legal reasons, however, the download of these tracks is deactivated. Version 2.0 opens its gates!

The official Website Version 2 is now ready to use. Some content is still missing, but will gradually be reinstalled. If you are looking for a song that is not yet online, just contact me using the contact form.

New version online soon!

The new version of the website will be ready shortly!
The newsletter recipient database has just been successfully implemented and tested.
See ya soon!